Sunday, 29 December 2013

729 - Crochet Cushions

Last year I made Donald's mum and sisters some Christmas baking sets. It's so much fun making a gift for people, I decide to craft them something again this year. This year, I decided to crochet some giant cushions. And I mean giant! I didn't know quite how big my granny squares were going to have to be to cover the cushions I had, but it turned out quite huge!

I used up a lot of chunky wool I had left over from other projects, but I did end up having to buy another few balls to finish the project off.

Because I was using so many different odds and ends of wool, all the cushions are different, so here's a picture of both sides.

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions

To prove how huge they are, here's a picture of me holding one.

Crochet cushions

They are so super squishy and soft, I wish I had made one for myself now, but I really don't think we need any more cushions on our couch!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

728 - Christmas Pressies

So know that Christmas has sadly passed, I can finally start posting about the Christmas presents I made for friends and family.

First up are the little presents I made for our friends Sven and Stacey. I decided to craft them a little something each for their house. So for Sven I made some Portal perler bead fridge magnets.

Portal magnets

It meant I finally got to use the glow in the dark perler beads I have. I got the pattern from here if you want to make them yourself.

Next up I made some dinosaur felt coasters for Stacey as she loves dinosaurs. I used some spotty felt I had and cut out some cute dinosaur shapes I found on this blog. They were quite easy to make but I really liked how they turned out.

Dinosaur coasters

In return I was gifted with these lovelies!

First Xmas pressies #totalchild

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

727 - A Sketch a Day

Sorry I've not posted in so long. It's not that I'm not crafting, because I am. It's just that all the things I'm making are for Christmas so I can't show them to anyone yet! How annoying! Hopefully after Christmas a more normal posting schedule will resume.

Anyway, today's post is about an idea I've seen in a couple of different places, and that is a sketch a day. It's basically exactly what it sounds like. You draw something everyday, for a certain time period. I've decided to try and do it every day next year.

I love drawing and I definitely don't do it enough, because I always think I have to make this huge amount of time for it. I have so many arty supplies that sit unloved. Well in addition to them getting used a lot more next year, (more on that later) I also want to do this daily sketch challenge. I think it'll be a great way to practise drawing things I maybe wouldn't always draw and create something new everyday, without it being a huge piece. They can just be pen or pencil sketches, or something totally coloured in, we'll see!

So I bought myself a new diary, with a page per day, so I can draw something every day and have them all in the one place.

Sketch a day 2014

Sketch a day 2014

Sketch a day 2014

I made a nice cover page for it and ripped out all the normal pages diaries have that I didn't need for drawing. I'm so excited to start!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

726 - Rainbow Road Hot Mug Cozy

As is the tale with a lot of things I make, I have had this pinned for ages. Since March in fact. Phew! But in the spirit of making myself things that were useful for starting a new job, I decided to make this lovely Rainbow Road coffee mug cozy from Wild Olive. This was part of Wild Olive's Mario Week series, and is based on a level from Mario Kart.

I decided to change to colours up a bit and just use colours I liked the look of, so the main colour isn't a road colour, it's a lovely green.

I also had to change the shape of template as for some reason the curved version from the template just wasn't working. I think this meant that my road shapes are maybe a little more spaced out than they should be, but I still think it looks very pretty. 

Hot mug cozy

Hot mug cozy

Hot mug cozy

Hot mug cozy

I love the colours combos, and the wee star on the front is so cute. So hopefully when I'm drinking tea on a cold morning, this will stop my hands getting too toastie. It's a little bit more squint than Mollie's, but I definitely don't have her tidy skills.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

725 - Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

Guess what guys?! I got a job! I am so happy! It's a three month contract just now but I'm crossing my fingers that it could lead to something more permanent. If not, at least it's more experience for the CV.

To celebrate this fact I decided to embroider a blank tote bag I've had for a while to be my new work bag. I usually have to take another bag to work to carry my lunch box and book in. I had been planning to embroider an Aimee Ray pattern on my bag, as I bought it probably over a year ago, but decided to change it up a bit.

I went for the quote from The Simpsons, "Everything's coming up Milhouse". If you don't know the quote, you can see it below.

It's one of my favourite quotes and I thought it summed up my mood of things are looking up!

Milhouse bag

Milhouse bag

I'm very happy with how it turned out, and the photos I was popping up on Instagram as I was making it were getting bucket loads of likes, so I guess other people are Milhouse fans too!

I also really liked this tote bag, which I got from Hobbycraft the same as all my other ones, but this one was nice and thick, as opposed to the quite thin ones I'm used to. So I'm hoping this can handle all the crap I lug around with me. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

724 - Mick Foley Beanbag

So as you may know, me and Donald watch a lot of wresting. A few weeks ago when we were watching WWE, one of the announcers said how much Mick Foley looked like a plaid beanbag.

We laughed a lot, and I said "how cool would it be to make a little Mick Foley beanbag". I had the idea on my craft ideas list for a while and decided to make it for Donald for our anniversary. Our anniversary isn't actually until Saturday, but as we'll be roller derbying all day, we decided to swap pressies/have dinner last night.

Mick Foley beanbag toy

Mick Foley beanbag toy

Mick Foley beanbag toy

Mick Foley beanbag toy

I filled his bum up with rice to give him a bean-baggy feel. I love his little cutie face and how cute his little smiley face t-shirt is too, so I'm very happy with the way he turned out. Donald also loved him too, which is the main thing.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

723 - Polar Bear

So for the past couple of years I've been making Christmas ornaments for my Mum to hang on her Christmas tree. This year I asked her what she would like and she finally settled on a polar bear.

I looked around for a good pattern, but sadly there was quite a lack of good free ones. I settled on tracing an outline of a china polar bear figure and changing the face (as the one in the ornament was looking up at the sky). I also added a little fish parcel for the cute polar bear as his Christmas present.

So here he is.

Polar bear ornament

And I embroidered the date on the back of him as I always do, so we know which ornament is from which year.

Polar bear ornament

I still have a couple of Christmas ornament craft kits left to make but I think my Christmas crafting is over for this year. Alongside the tag and card kits I have to do (which I already said I was probably going to leave and just focus on ornaments) I still have a peg doll, a garland kit and a little knitted polar bear kit to do. I bought the needles to do the polar bear kit before realising it was actually double pointed needles I needed. And as I haven't got the hang of knitting on them yet, he definitely won't be getting done this year.

I'm hoping to avoid having such a backlog of free kits next year as I'm stopping my subscription to Cross Stitcher this year. I just feel a lot of the free kits are very similar, and as cross stitch is such a time consuming craft, I feel I already have such a huge library of patterns, I really don't need to add more to the pile.

I'm still considering my Mollie Makes subscription, but as they focus on loads of different crafts, and the kits are more varied, it will probably survive. I don't think I can go cold turkey on crafty magazines!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

722 - Robbie Robin

A great thing about crafting is you can make ugly little Franken-creatures that no-one else will love, but you do because you made them. I think this is true of little Robbie Robin that I made this week.

He came as a free kit with Let's Knit magazine, and I made him in about two evening sittings. I'm not sure if it's just when I sew my knitting together it seems to go downhill, or if the knitting is a bit mental to begin with, but Robbie maybe looks a little more squint than he's meant too.

Knitted robin

Knitted robin

Knitted robin

But, he does look like a Robin. And his mental looking legs (I'm sure I knitted one longer than the other) look fine when he's sitting, which is what he will be doing this Christmas period.

I do love all my little created children. And hey, at least I had my first double pointed needles experience when I was knitting Robbie's legs. Hoping to progress to socks or something soon. That would be awesome.

Monday, 18 November 2013

721 - Roller Derby Award

So usually at a roller derby bout they give out awards for the best jammer, best blocker and MVP. Refs don't get awards, but a couple of weeks ago at scrims, I started making stupid little awards for a fellow ref V for Vienetta.

However, last week I forgot my handbag notepad, and promised him I would make him a proper award, with colouring pencils and everything. And because I drew it properly, I thought I would pop it up on the blog.

Putting my drawing skills to good use :)

He won grizzliet ref award because that particular night he had grown quite the beard. Past award categories include swishist fall and sexiest belt. Clearly much better than the usual awards ha ha!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

720 - Nativity Dolls

One thing I feel I've been missing from my Christmas decorations for some time is a nativity scene. I keep seeing lovely handmade ones, but a lot of them are knitted, which was more time and skill than I felt I had.

A while ago I came across this amazing pattern from What Madeleine Loves. It's felty, quite simple to make, free and is only three little dolls, even though it represents all the main nativity people.

You can check out Madeleine's post about her dolls, and another post which has the pattern in it. They are so cute. So here are my little versions, done in plenty of time for this Christmas.

Nativity dolls

Nativity dolls

Nativity dolls

Nativity dolls

How cute are they? And they aren't going to take up too much space in my already cramped Christmas display so they're perfect.

Monday, 11 November 2013

719 - Little Hats

As you know, when I made my own little hats for Innocent's Big Knit this year, I was very keen to make sure I managed to pick up a hat when they were gracing the little bottles. I've never managed to do this before, so it was a mission.

So last week, I went on the hunt, and after a couple of failed attempts with hat-less smoothies, I finally found some in Boots in the Gyle. I was so excited. Ever since I saw the little apple hat in the hat gallery on the Innocent website I was REALLY hoping I could get a little apple hat. Well luck must have been on my side that day.

Yay apple hat. #bigknitmyhat

Yay! How cute is it? I mean really! I'm so happy!

I've also been trawling the #bigknitmyhat hashtag on Instagram, trying to see if the hats I made pop up anywhere. Exciting!

Friday, 8 November 2013

718 - Christmas Teddy

With Christmas fast approaching yet again, and my pile of "stuff I want to make for Christmas" still being quite big, I decided I was going to try and knock through what Christmas kits I had left. I have loads of card kits to make but I'd quite like to knock through all the decorations at least.

First up I decided to tackle this Christmas teddy kit that I've had for ages. I always thought he was a card, but he's just some festive stitching on a mount, which means I can pop him up in the house.

Teddy cross stitch

Much like the Christmas cat I stitched earlier this year, all the stitching was visible once I popped him in the mount, so I covered the back with some Christmas scrapbooking paper.

Teddy cross stitch

This project had a lot of things I hate about cross stitch. A lot of very similar colours (natural white, cream, tan, light tan, etc.) and lots of stupid back stitch which makes your brain hurt just trying to follow it. But I am happy he's finally done!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

717 - Halloween Recap

So Halloween has been and gone. I love Halloween because it's a great excuse to watch horror movies and wear things with ghosts on them. So here's a little recap of Halloween. First up, the pumpkin.




Our neighbours had a pumpkin out this year too and I was very excited!

The neighbours have joined in this year <3

Next up, the Halloween costume. We went to a party the weekend after Halloween and I had decided to go as Hipster Ariel. I was very annoyed though because I ordered a top with a clam shell bra on it from Etsy two weeks before I needed it and it still hasn't arrived! Not happy. Donald decided to go as Hipster Eric because it meant we went together and it wasn't much effort for him.

Halloween outfit

What's that word again? Lame!

Halloween outfit

Halloween outfit

Fishy neck tattoo ha ha!

Halloween outfit

Halloween outfit

Halloween outfit

As you may have seen I was wearing a little Flounder badge, which I made myself.

Flounder brooch

Phew! And we spent the whole night watching horror movies and eating loads of pizza, which was lovely. I hope you all had an awesome Halloween!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

716 - Woodland knits & 5 reasons why I love it

I have a lot of craft books, and because of this there aren't that many that jump out at me as "Oh my God I need to own that" these days. However, I had read about Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen in a couple of places and was pretty convinced that this was one book I did in fact need. The clincher came when I spotted a pattern I had been coveting on Pinterest (but didn't know where it was from due to some bad pinning) and spotted it in a magazine review for this book!

Woodland knits

So I ordered it and here are my five favourite patterns in the book.

1) The Fawn Poncho.

Woodland knits

I was so excited when I spotted this pattern! If you read the blog One Sheepish Girl you may have seen her knitting this very item. It's so lovely and cute! Meredith from One Sheepish Girls purchased the single pattern from the Tiny Owl Knits Etsy shop (which also has a number of the patterns from this book available for single sale) but I couldn't convince myself to buy a single knitting pattern when 1) I have a lot of patterns still to make and 2) at the time I was very rubbish at knitting. It's so nice to know I have this in my collection now! Exciting!

2) Meow Mitts.

Woodland knits

This the reason I caved and bought this book. I pinned these mittens on a Pinterest a little while ago, and was totally in love with them. And then I saw their picture in a magazine, saying they came from Woodland Knits. Sold! They are so cute!

3) Garden Gate & Ivy.

Woodland knits

This cowl is lovely. I love the colours and the knitted pattern, it's just amazing.

4) Oh My Bear!

Woodland knits

Look at this sweater! Just look at it!!!! Will I ever be able to knit this? Who knows, but I just love everything about it, and would love to give it a try. It looks so snuggly.

5) The Changeling Collar.

Woodland knits

I've been wanting to make myself a collar for some time now, having seen a cute felt one in Sew magazine a few issues ago, but this one is so cute. I love the colours.

I highly recommend Woodland Knits, it just looks amazing, and while I've picked out 5 patterns I'm totally in love with, everything in the book is lovely, and there is loads more I would like to make.

Also check out Tiny Owls Knits Esty shop for more patterns, including the pattern for a set of woodland gloves, which I am in love with.