Wednesday, 31 October 2012

519 - Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy Halloween everyone! I love Halloween so much! Tonight we are ordering pizza  and watching horror movies.

Again all I've been working on is the crochet tree skirt.


Only a month left! Will I finish!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

518 - Last Look Back October

This month I did a double page Smashbook spread on the highlights of October. I've been savings bit and pieces all month and turns out I had quite a lot!

Please excuse the rubbish MS Paint editing on one of the photos to block Donald's address of one of the tickets. I couldn't find a prettier way to do it.

October smashbook

October smashbook

October smashbook

October smashbook

Monday, 29 October 2012

517 - Bake Once a Month October

Phew I left if a bit late this month, though I've been quite busy this month so I was always planning to leave it this late. This month I decided to make coffee and caramel cupcakes from my The Complete Book of Cupcakes & Baking by The Australian Women's Weekly.

October baking

October baking

The recipe didn't tell you to put them in paper cases, but I didn't have a deep enough muffin pan, so I used some nice Halloween themed cases.

October baking

Once you poured the batter into the cases you pushed some toffees into the middle so they melt once cooked. I ate two like right out the oven. I'm not sure what they will be like once they are cold, as they might go all chewy, but we shall see.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

516 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

515 - Sketchy Saturday

This is it. My last sketchy Saturday. Another resolution ticked off. Woo!

I wanted to do something simple this time, so opted for a simple line drawing, just done in different colours. As I love The Little Mermaid, I went for this drawing I found on tumblr (which is actually a gif).


Quite cool right?

Friday, 26 October 2012

514 - Friday Favs Top 10

Ariel perler beads.

So cute! Lovely cat bag.

Very cute buttons.

Amazing monster wreath.

Amazing crochet cats.

And crochet Totoro.

Lovely little Xmas people.

Butterfly necklace.

Measuring tape bracelet.

Lovely little table.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

513 - Ewok

God I love Wild Olive. I love felt, embroidery and things with faces so why wouldn't I. I've had this pin of an ewok plush tutorial Mollie did for a while now and got round to making it tonight. 


When I put his little hood on he was so cute I squealed a little.

Here is is chilling out next to my easter bunny.

Ewok and bunny

Cuties right. The pattern calls for whip stitch which I always forget how to do, but this simple diagram really helped me.

So go and check out Wild Olive for more awesome cute things like the ewok (mine is named Bernard).

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

512 - Work in Progress Wednesday


I'm getting there. Phew. Every square is one at least it's second round and I've been sewing ends in before I do another round on it. Though I have so much wool left I don't think I'll need as much of it as it said I would.

Though crocheting all the time is making my hand hurt quite a lot, so I'm not able to sit and do huge chunks of it. Getting there though! 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

511 - Cath Kidston tracing

So on Sunday I decided I wanted to start my Cath Kidston Christmas craft book but in a bid to be sensible I decided to trace all the pieces to make the templates first.

Of course when I was finished doing all that I couldn't be bothered cutting out all the pieces (well not on the same night anyway!). Look how many pieces there are! God!




Phew! Cutting all of that out on the felt I got free will be scary!

Monday, 22 October 2012

510 - I'm the tag team champions!

If you watch WWE you'll know that right now the awesome tag team of Daniel Bryan and Kane (Team Hell No) are having a little trouble accepting that they have to share the tag team championship and frequently have arguments which descend into them screaming "I'm the tag team champions" at each other.

Grammatically correct? No. Funny? Yes. So I cross stitched it. As you do.

WWE cross stitch

The glue leaked in parts so there are dark spots (I hate my glue gun) but it's still pretty awesome.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

509 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

508 - For Whom the Skate Rolls

November the 17th sees Fierce Valley Roller Girls play their first home bout! I am so excited! We've played a couple of closed bouts (well I haven't because I wasn't in the team for one and I was ankle ill for the other) but this is our first public home bout! Eek!

We're playing against the Wirral Whipiterers which should be double awesome as I've never seen Wirral play.

If you live in the area (it's in Stirling) and fancy a ticket then you can buy them here!

It's so exciting!

Friday, 19 October 2012

507 - Friday Favs Top 10

Awesome Cath K style perler beads.

Cutest tea set ever.

Blood sweater.

Lovely Project Life cards from Wild Olive.

Bear snood.

Amazing cross stitch shoes.

Amazing print.

Bear brooch.

Amazing Ariel art.

Floral R2 D2.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

505 - Work in Progress Wednesday


So it's the tree skirt again! Ha ha. I'm almost finished all the first rounds. I have a lot of ends to sew in, and I've slipped at doing them every time, but I'm not going to do another row until I've sewed the old ends in.

Trying to keep it tidy eh? I still have high hopes for finishing it, thought the thought of double crocheting round the whole thing is quite scary!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

504 - Crochet!

So on Sunday, after the brooches I showed off yesterday, I decided to tackle a crochet brooch kit from Mollie Makes.

I was under the impression that after I've mastered the granny square, I would be able to do this. I looked over the stitches, and there was nothing I didn't really know so I jumped right in.

The first step was the magic ring. Something I had read about a lot but never done. However, after a couple of attempts, Mollie Make's explanation of it was really good and simple and I nailed it.

The rose is worked in a spiral, which means never finishing off a row, but simply keeping going until you're finished the piece.

Crochet flower

Crochet flower

Guys, guys, guys! Look! It actually looks like a flower! OMG!

I stopped during this about 10 times and I was like, right I'm stuck I'm going to stop. And then I just powered through and when I  was done I was so surprised at how it turned out.

Now I know it's not perfect, because I had to something 6 times nearing the end of the brooch, and I could only fit in 3, but I can't actually see anything madly wrong with it, so I'm very happy. I ran out of wool right at the end, like literally the last part, so I had to use some other similar wool (you can see the different stuff in the top right of the photo above). I also secured the brooch backing with a little glue to make sure it sticks.

I'm so happy! I love it. And even more exciting, the woman I got my crochet lessons off earlier this year told me once I has mastered the magic ring, doing things like amigurumi would be easy peasy! I can't wait *fingers crossed*.

Monday, 15 October 2012

503 - Cross stitch brooches

On Sunday I was bored, so I decided to have a rummage through my craft kits basket. I found this kit to make two cross stitch button brooches and decided to give them ago.

Cross stitch brooch

Cross stitch brooch

I'm really happy with how they turned out, but I have to say I still sort of hate trying to shove Aida onto the buttons. Especially this stuff, because it was so stiff! I think I'll need to try it with a softer fabric and see if it's easier.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

502 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

501 - This counts as baking right?

So for my Christmas last year my Dad got me a little kit for making three plush cake pin cushion. Tonight I was in a crafty mood and I decided to knock them out. I thought I better blog about them before I go any deeper into my current glass of wine, ha ha!






So cute right? And they were really fun to make too. Pre-cut felt is definitely my most favourite thing in the whole world now.

These are supposed to be pin cushions but I've got them proudly displayed in my kitchen now. Yum.

Friday, 12 October 2012

500 - Friday Favs Top 10

Oh wow, how cool!

Wild Olive + books = yes!

I want all this fashion.

Ermm how cute is this?

Fall collection. So cute.

Needle felted bread.

Cute bobbins.

Amazing rabbit brooch.

Amazing perler bead necklace.

How cute is this snail?

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

499 - Xmas goodies

So I ordered some lovely Xmas items from the Internet over the past couple of weeks but I thought I would wait till they were all here till I posted about them.

First up we have the Cath Kidston Make Your Own Christmas Decorations Book.

Xmas stuff

Xmas stuff

Xmas stuff

When this arrived I was really excited about it. I've read loads of reviews online however that don't like it. Whether it's complaining about the patterns being too easy, not Cath Kidstony enough or the supplies being rubbish, no one seems to have a good word to say about it.

However, I'm still down with it. It looks so cute and I can't wait to start making them.

Next up Cross Stitch Favourites.

Xmas stuff

This is just a nice Christmas cross stitch magazine. I got it last year as well and the patterns are lovely.

And finally, the Enjoy Cross Stitch bumper pack, which again I got last year too.

Xmas stuff

Xmas stuff

I made a lot of stuff from last year's pack, but I dunno if anything from this year's is going to get done. Still lovely tree decorations and cards. Lovely!

Eeeeeee Christmas!