Monday, 30 April 2012

335 - Blog planners

Sometimes I see something and it's so cool I just have to do it straight away! This happened to me the other day when I was reading a post by The Dainty Squid on how she organises her blog.

I don't know if you've noticed but I've posted every single day this month! Woo! I've been making more time to plan ahead and post about things that I want to talk about (and hopefully other people want to read). But my way of planning is simply typing a post, finding a date that I don't have a post on, and scheduling it for that date.

Other blog organisation in the past as involved notes in the back of my filo fax or notes in my Hello Kitty craft book. But I frequently forgot I had written these notes, and posts can get forgotten about.

Okay, so first let's have a look at the lovely way The Dainty Squid organises her blog.

Image via
How lovely is that? And yet how simple! I thought lists and things were simple, but simply marking things out for every day just seems so easy. Probably why I never thought of it.

After seeing this post I knew I had to do this for my own blog. With May starting tomorrow I thought I would get started for May and make a planner for the rest of the year. Once again my head jumped to the awesome printables I won a while ago from the lovely Wild Olive.

I knew there was a meal planner style calendar printable in there that would be perfect, so printed off enough to do me till December and got started!


Blog planner

Blog planner

I have to say, I'm totally in love already! It allows me to see how far in advance regular features go (like my month of craft photos posts) or block out days for more permanent regular features. It also means if an idea pops into my head I can just book it in and I won't forget about it!I also decided to write it in pencil so things can be moved around easily (which they have been a lot even since I took these photos!).

Blog topics with a cloud around them are already written and ready to go, so I can even keep track of that. I'll pop it in my filo fax and I'll be ready to roll! Brilliant right? Organisation makes me so happy.

It's definitely going to take the headache out of planning posts for things that are happening in advance!

Finally, why not check out the lovely ladies featured in today's post!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

334 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

333 - A Month of Craft Photos Update 4

A couple of these were a day late this week! Silly me! All there though.

22. Contrasts.

Day 22. Contrast.

23. Inspiration from clothes.

Day 23. Inspiration through clothes.

24. Up close.

Day 24. Up close.

25. When you craft.

Day 25. When you craft.

26. Organization.

Day 26. Organisation

27. The wrong side.

Day 27. The wrong side.

Friday, 27 April 2012

332 - Sublime Stitching

Two posts in one day?!?! What?!? Well basically this post wasn't supposed to go out until the 8th of May (yup that's quite far away) but the other day blogger was fail and posted it, and people saw it and asked about it. I basically thought, if people have read it, what's the point in holding off on it till the 8th of May! Plus my package arrived today, and I was too excited not to share it! So here you go. An extra blog post as a Friday treat. 

Sublime Stitching has to be one of my favourite websites. The Sublime Stitching books were the first embroidery books I ever bought, and tools that I can't live without like my carbon paper and tracing stylus have also been bought from the site.

I usually have something from Sublime Stitching on my birthday/Christmas list, but no one seems to want to buy me something that comes from...DUN DUN DUN...America! And so I have a very long list of things I would quite like, but haven't got around to buying.

Last week I decided to treat myself to a couple of things (being careful not to spend too much because the postage is quite steep to Scotland.)

Image via
The first thing I picked up was the new Shy Boy and Shy Girl pillow set. They were brand new on the site and I thought they were so cool and different I had to get on them. The kit comes with the cushion covers already printed with the design, which you can then just wash off. You also get the PDF of the pattern so you could make loads if you wanted!

I have like 12 Ikea cushions that we bought when we had a sort of window area in the old flat, and now just sit on our bedroom floor. A while ago I had planned to embroider them, but discovered they had no opening, so it was a no go. However, I think *THINK* these covers will fit those cushions. So at least two will be jazzed up! Hopefully I can get more covers for the other ones and do them all up.

Sublime Stitching Goodies

Sublime Stitching Goodies

Next up we have this awesome Kitchen Krazy bundle, which comes with the PDF and pattern of the kitchen krazy pattern, a half apron, two tea towels and a free gift! Phew!

Sublime Stitching Goodies

You know how I feel about kitchen things, so I'm sure you see why this is so exciting. I love stitching up things that are actually going to have a use, and not just be decorative (as they can just take up a lot of room sometimes) so it'll be nice to get these stitched up!

331 - Friday Favs Top 10

This amazing jug for the kitchen. Love the pattern!

A crochet clock?!? This would look awesome in a kitchen or craft room.

This tiny little Chewbacca perler bead pattern it too cute! It would be so quick to make too!

I know how you feel t-rex. My arms pretty much turn in a useless mess when I try and knit.

This would be amazing in the garden or on a window ledge somewhere.

These tattoos are too amazing! I'm totally in love with them!

I love the colours on this crochet blanket. So summery.

Lovely piece of artwork here.

This awesome guide on how make a lovely fox brooch.

Not the most exciting pictures in the world but click through for some awesome knitting stitch explanations!

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

330 - Knitting

Last night I finished my first knitting project of the year! This is a big step for me, because knitting proves a problem for me. I mastered the knit stitch last year, and even made a scarf, but the purl stitch was not too good.

I don't know if I ever showed you, but last year I made this swatch of purl stitch and it took me forever (and my mum helped me a lot!).


After that I was convinced I would never be able to do the purl stitch, but when I saw a pattern for a knitted hair bow in Let's Knit, I decided I had to learn! After many starts and stops and mistakes, my mum watched what I was doing and found out what I was doing wrong. When I was purling I was coming up and under the wool instead of down and under it. So I was like...reverse knit stitching? God knows! Either way it made it wrong.

I restarted the hair bow on Monday night and finished it last night with no mistakes! BOOM! I think I can officaily purl stitch! Thanks mum!

Now, my tension isn't the best, so it turned out a bit bigger at one end than the other. Also it's quite a Lady Gaga hair piece, but if you've seen me in real life, you'll know I have some pretty HUGE hair bows as it is.

So check it out and don't laugh at it too much! Whether I wear it much or not, it's still the first thing I've knitted with purl stitch and with no mistakes. Boom!

Knitted hair bow

Knitted hair bow

Knitted hair bow

Knitted hair bow

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

329 - 20 Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Part 1

If there is one room in the house that I love buying things for more than anything it's the kitchen! If I ever go charity shop shop, or pop into Ikea, chances are I'm coming out with something for the kitchen. I just love it!

Right now we have quite a small kitchen, which doesn't have the biggest amount of space and is lacking in a window (though we do have a sky light).

Lately I've been dreaming what I would be like to have my own house, that we actually owned, and I know the room I would make amazing would be the kitchen! Trying to decide what to post about kitchen lust wise was quite hard, as there is so much out there! So I thought I would break it down into a series! Some will be crafty things and some will just be lovely kitchen things. I'm going to do 5 sections per post, and only allow myself 5 pictures per section, or I could literally go on for hours!

So for the next few Wednesdays, we'll be looking at my 20 steps to the perfect kitchen. A girl can but dream!

Step 1: Cute pictures on the wall.

Step 2: Cute fabrics!

Things like tea towels, tea cozies, pot holders and the like should all be ridiculously cute and if possible have a food/kitchen theme!

Step 3: Place settings.

We don't use our table very much right now, because we are lazy. There is no other reason for it. Sitting on the couch seems a lot easier than laying the table (and setting ours up as it folds away). I dream of having a kitchen big enough to be set up all the time, and I would love to have different things to put on it depending on the occasion (especially Christmas!).

Step 4: Shopping.

Going food shopping is obviously an important task to keep the kitchen running. Having some awesome shopping bags is a must, and I always take my bags for life to the supermarket.

Step 5: Fake food.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like having fake food around the kitchen. Right now I have some little crochet cakes on my recipe book shelf, but I would love to add more to the collection. Fake food, especially if it has a face, is a must!

Monday, 23 April 2012

327 - Bake Once a Month - April

So for my baking once a month challenge this month I decided to try some banana bread. Bananas are weird to me. I like the flavour but not actual bananas. Actual bananas are too strong for me and I HATE the texture. However, banana bread is nom!

I got the recipe for this from fellow roller girl Fee, who once made this and brought it to practise, and it was the best thing ever!

Banana bread.

What you need:

  • 4 big ripe bananas
  • 3 oz butter
  • 6 oz castor sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 12 oz self raising flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • A splash of milk
  • A massive handful of mixed choc chips (cover in flour before adding to final mix and they wont sink to bottom while cooking)
  • 2 handfuls of chopped pecans.
 What to do:

  • In a seperate bowl roughly mash bananas making sure you still have nice big chunks of banana as well as the mush.
  • Cream butter and sugar together.
  • Add the flour, salt, eggs and then banana, fold in well.
  • Add a splash of milk to slightly loosen the mix, then fold in the choc and pecans.
  • Spoon into a greased loaf tin and bake in hot oven 190 degrees or gas 5 for about an hour or so or until the loaf is golden brown and springy and shrinking slightly from the side of the tin.
  • Turn out to cool and try (and fail) to not eat it before it cools down!

Banana bread

Banana bread

It was a little burnt around the edges, which was more due to my oven being a dick and leaving stuff raw in the middle even when it's cooked on the outside. But, it was yummy, and even my mum liked it, which is a big compliment!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

326 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

325 - A Month of Crafts Photos Update 3

15. A new skill.

Day 15. A new skill.

16. Texture.

Day 16. Texture.

17. Last FO you used.

Day 16. Last FO you used.

18. Craft books.

Day 18. Craft books.

19. Supplies.

Day 19. Supplies.

20. Finishing.

Day 20. Finishing off.

21. Crafting accompaniments.

Day 21. Crafting accompaniments.

Friday, 20 April 2012

324 - Friday Favs Top 10

Amazing Jurassic Park quote embroidery.

A purse organiser. I think I need this. It's so cute.

This awesome orange and apples sewing kit! It all folds out, it's so cool.

More herb garden! This time in a vintage planter. What's cool is I already have that cat planter! BOOM!

This totally old school Winnie the Pooh pattern!

I'm obsessed with plush food! This tomato is uber sweet.

Deep breath. Not only is it a yeti, but it's a tiny yeti! OMG!

Lovely jewellery holder.

Amazing bag. Looks like such a knitting bag.

This chicken bag, which Hayley Williams herself owns.

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