Wednesday, 29 February 2012

277 - Craft lists

So I'm off work tomorrow and Friday, and obviously I'm off at the weekend as well. Whoop! Four whole days off and for once nothing in my diary that will make me leave the house (apart from a quick trip to the doctor's and skating on Friday and food shopping at the weekend).

I have so many crafty things I want to get done, and I think these fours days all together will be the perfect time to do them (and probably get through a lot of bad movies at the same time!).

So I'm written myself a list (you can tell I like lists right?) of all the things I would like to get done over these fours days (and tonight of course! Because I don't need to worry about work tomorrow). And I guess we'll see how I do! I need the structure and I'm looking forward to the challenge! Hopefully I'll knock a few New Year's Resolutions off as I go along.

So here's my list:

  • Finish Mother's Day crafting. 
  • Finish all Pay it Forward gifts. 
  • Sort out recipe book. 
  • Write up new chores list for flat.
  • Sort craft supplies (they are a mess again!). 
  • Make pouch for crochet hooks.
  • Make second Wolf Boner embroidery.  
  • Do some more crochet school lessons. 
  • Make 2 derby birthday cards. 
Oh and if I get bored, I could try and make any of these five things off Pinterest which I have the supplies for, so there is no excuse! But those are just nice extras which I'll get around to eventually!

The chance of me getting all of these done is rather slim! Other things I want to do include doing more of my Batman tableware, finishing my Wild Olive stitching bag and starting on my doll's house! Lord!

This pretty much sums me up.

Image via

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

276 - Pins and needles.

The other day when I was in Hobbycraft I decided I would quite like a pin cushion that goes on my wrist. I have a lot of pin cushions (god knows how many) but this is one I don't have. And as I tend to get in a bit of a muddle, I thought this would be perfect.

The ones in Hobbycraft were a bit fail if I'm honest. They were all a bit cheap and nasty and not as pretty as I wanted. So I turned to Etsy. Here are some of my favourites.

'Pins and needles' by SkatesandStitches

Lovely wrist pin cushions.

Felt Strawberry Pancake...

Apple red flower Pincus...

Wrist Emery Pincushion ...

Martian in Spaceship Wr...

Vampire wrist pin cushi...

wrist pin cushion allig...

Toadstool Love Pincushi...

Stack of Pancakes Wrist...

Lady Bug Wrist Pincushi...

Bee Skep Needlefelted W...

Kawaii Felt Flower Wris...

Hand Sewn Lucky Cat Fel...

Wrist Pincushion - Cust...

Wrist Pincushion in Bro...

Wrist Pincushion - cust...

Vintage scissors - Cute...

I decided to buy this one (which is from the same shop (Sew Cherry Blossom) as the red one in the top row of my treasury) because it was lovely, not over priced and purple! What more could you ask for.

Image via

I also quite liked this one, which I found on Amazon, but I thought a handmade one would be extra nice!

Image via

Craft supplies are totally my weakness!

Monday, 27 February 2012

275 - Craft magazines

As you may know, I'm a bit of a craft magazines addict. I currently buy 5 magazines all the time (Cross Stitcher, Cross Stitch Crazy, World of Cross Stitch, Mollie Makes and Sew), which has left me with a huge pile of magazines in the corner of my living room and a pile of free gifts that makes me worry if I'll ever get around to making them all. Apart from that, it costs a lot of money! I also dabble in the odd knitting magazines or general craft magazine, depending on how I'm feeling.

For Christmas I got a subscription to Cross Stitcher from my mum and I have to say it's awesome not having to go out and buy it, and worry about not getting it. Cross Stitcher is one of my favourite craft magazines, because I love all the patterns in all the issues and the free gifts are too cute!

I decided I was going to take a look at the magazines I bought now and only pick the ones I really liked and subscribe to them as well.

Mollie Makes hasn't been going that long, and to be honest I wish I had bought it from the beginning, but I only started buying it a few issues ago. The features are lovely, the makes are to die for, and the free gifts are some of the cutest out there. And as a gift for subscribing I got this book free, along with a couple of crochet hooks!

Image via

Next up we have Sew. I love Sew, because not only are loads of project super cute, but it encourages me to get better/trying at all to make some clothes.

Image via

It has a nice mix of traditional sewing projects with things like cross stitch and embroidery thrown in too. I remember when I bought my first issue, I wasn't convinced I would buy any more, but I went back month and month and I love it. I also love peeking into other people's craft rooms on the last page!

Also as a bonus I got this lovely book free.

Image via
I already have the first Sew a Metre book, so this one looks quit exciting also, and it'll be fun to see how to use different fabrics.

So those are my core three magazines each month. However, this means I've had to lose Cross Stitch Crazy and World of Cross Stitch. There was nothing really long with these magazines, as I've been buying them for about a year, but I thought I only really need to buy one cross stitch magazine. With these two magazines, I find there are a few patterns I really like, but the rest are just quite normal, unlike Cross Stitcher where I literally want to make everything!

So I now have one cross stitching magazine, 1 sewing magazine and 1 general craft magazine. A nice mix. I'm very happy, and excited for the arrival of my lovely free books!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

274 - Daria

So I'm going to start this post with a couple of notes before we get on to the good stuff.

Note 1: I went to Hobbycraft yesterday. Oops.

A lot of replenshing supplies (like aida and perler beads), buying pretty things I don't really need (like aqua felt, pink wool and ribbon!) and things I needed (like more perler bead boards as I melted one and a 4 inch embroidery hoop). I love Hobbycraft.

Note 2: One of my New Year's Resolutions.

I'm very happy with my New Year's Resolutions this year, apart from one I'm worried about. And to be honest, I'm not sure why I put it on my list again this year (as I failed at it last year). The one I'm worried about is getting my gamer score on my X Box to 15,000.

When I put it on my list last year, I was at about 7,000 gamer points, and I had a lot of games I hadn't played yet. But because I spent most of my spare time crafting last year, I only managed to add a little bit to it. I'm not sure exactly what I was on at the start of 2012, but I'm on 8144 now, so I did manage to get a few odd achievements. As it's the only one I'm worried about I'm going to make more of an effort to play Xbox at the weekends with my man, and not spend all my free time crafting! (This might be hard.)

So let's get to the main point of this post. Daria. The other day I found this and knew I had to make it.

So I decided to make it in perler beads. I have to say, it was Hotdog Princess all over again, because I really didn't think how big it was going to be! After running out of both black and brown perler beads (hence the trip to Hobbycraft) and a horrible ironing experience (ironing designs that big is hard), she's done!

Daria perler beads. She's quite massive.

Boom! I love her.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

273 - Craft shopping

So last Friday I was having a fail day at work, and so to make myself feel better, I ordered some lovely crafty things online. Well they all came last week, so I thought I would show them off.

First off, I bought myself all the crochets hooks! Well not quite, but quite a lot of them. The case were crochet hooks I had wanted for a while (as you can see from this post) but decided to buy some bigger sizes in plastics too. I got them from Purplelinda Crafts and I got an awesome free purple pen too. Win!




Next up I bought myself a couple of things from Sugar Cookie on Etsy, which I mentioned as one of my favourite shops in this post. I had to take a number of photos of the packaging of this parcel because everything was so cute. I had to take the first photo on my phone at work before I tore into things.



Bad paint job to get rid of my address!

Cute notes and a free badge!
Froggy tissue holder

With free tissues!
Flossy! My little dog bobbin. I love him already.
So what have we learnt here? Well when I'm stressed, I eat cheese or craft shop. Both are awesome.

Friday, 24 February 2012

272 - Friday Favs Top 10

These awesome wooly glasses! I would defo wear these round my neck.

Super cute rose print pin cushion.

Lovely little ladybird.

Amazing knitting basket.

Cute sewn letter.

Very cute cupcakes!

I think I need these pencils for work.

Best idea ever for the kitchen!

Plush roller skate. Yeah please.

Amazing doll and teaset set.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

271 - My first bout!

Okay! I had my first roller derby bout on Saturday (as you probably know), where my team (Fierce Valley Roller Girls) took on Dundee Roller Girls. I had an amazing time, I played every position, and I even got lead jammer the first time I jammed! I loved it and I can't wait to (hopefully) bout again. It also meant I ticked my first New Year's Resolution off my list! Woop!

So here are some of my favourite photos that have gone up on Facebook since Saturday! All sources are linked to under the photos.

Image via

Image via

Image via

Image via

Image via

Image via

Image via

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Image via

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Image via

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Image via

Image via

And someone actually managed to get some video footage of me being lead jammer! Woo!